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Dental Assistant Requirements

Not all states have the same requirements for dental assistants. Although the majority of states don't require formal or educational training to be met, some do. You might have to become registered or certified in some states whereas others don't require anything except on the job training.There's also the ability to obtain expanded functions--which will vary by state--but might include tasks such as coronal polishing, making impressions, and others advanced duties. Not all states have expanded functions but most do, so you will have to check with your state to make sure. Most states will require a specific course to be taken on the intended function. All states also allow you to become certified, which is just a fancy word for being recognized in the US as a dental assistant. You'll have to attend a 1 or 2 year accredited dental assisting program in order to apply for the exam, and there will be applicable fees to tend to. But the good things about certification is that you'll be able to earn more and have extra benefits. So it's highly recommended if you choose to become a dental assistant. To find out what your state requires, refer to the chart below: